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SuiteScript SuiteBundler: Packaging and Distributing Custom Solutions

SuiteBundler enables NetSuite users to assemble collections of objects for distribution to different accounts. These compilations, referred to as bundles or SuiteApps, can be created by internal developers developing customizations for their organizations, independent software vendors (ISVs) easy solutions to their clients, or administrators sharing their bundles publicly via a deployment account.

Once a bundle is generated, the author determines its accessibility, specifying whether it should be private, shared among a designated set of target NetSuite accounts, or made publicly available to all NetSuite accounts.

NetSuite account administrators and users granted SuiteApp Marketplace permission can install bundles that are shared with their accounts or made publicly available. Installation of a bundle is possible directly from another NetSuite account if the user possesses the account ID.

Users have the capability to search for a bundle throughout all locations, including both production and sandbox accounts. Additionally, they can refine their bundle search to a particular location or filter it based on keywords or specific bundle characteristics such as Availability, Product, Vertical, and Language.

There are two distinct types of bundles that can be generated and offered for installation:

  • A customization bundle comprises custom objects that implement personalized functionality within the NetSuite application.
  • A configuration bundle includes NetSuite setup entries and preference settings grouped together.

Benefits for Customers:

  • Seamlessly transfer customizations from the sandbox to the production environment.
  • Effectively oversee customizations through quick and easy packaging.
  • Easily transfer customizations between different NetSuite accounts.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Models to Install Bundles
  • Distribute Customisations Using a Variety of Deployment Options
  • Package Custom Objects Together Rapidly

SuiteBundles is a powerful tool that helps to move the bulk components from one account to another without missing any component used in the customization. To learn more about how SuiteBundles can help with your customization requirements, set up a consultation with us today.

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