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Item Callouts: Product Promotion on Your NetSuite SuiteCommerce Website

Callouts are a powerful visual tool used to capture the attention of customers and promote specific products on your NetSuite SuiteCommerce website. They serve to highlight key features, benefits, or offers associated with the products, ultimately driving sales and increasing customer engagement. These callouts can be strategically placed on product lists, product detail pages, and other relevant sections of your SuiteCommerce website.

To effectively highlight and encourage customers to engage with specific products, consider implementing the following callout ideas:

  1. “New Arrival”: Use a callout to showcase recently added products, allowing customers to explore the latest additions to your SuiteCommerce inventory.
  2. “Bestseller”: Highlight your top-selling or most popular products through a callout, reinforcing their desirability and boosting sales on your SuiteCommerce platform.
  3. “Featured Deal”: Promote special discounts or deals using a callout, such as buy one get one free offers or limited-time promotions. This encourages customers to take advantage of the enticing deals available on your SuiteCommerce website.
  4. “Customer Favorite”: Showcase items with positive customer reviews or high ratings. This builds trust and confidence in the product, influencing potential customers to make a purchase on your SuiteCommerce platform.
  5. “Free Shipping”: Highlight products that come with free shipping. This can be a strong incentive for customers, particularly if shipping costs are typically a consideration for them when shopping on your SuiteCommerce website.
  6. “Trending Now”: Showcase items that are currently in high demand. Creating a sense of urgency can prompt customers to make a purchase before the products become less accessible on your SuiteCommerce platform.
  7. “Seasonal Picks”: Feature products that are relevant to the current season or upcoming holidays. This helps customers find suitable items for specific occasions and can drive seasonal sales on your SuiteCommerce website.

Customization options for callouts on your SuiteCommerce platform include text, shape, colors, and position, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. Additionally, you can display more than one callout for each product, further emphasizing their key attributes.

As illustrated in the image below, you can display a “New Arrival” callout on the product detail page of your SuiteCommerce website. The design and placement of callouts can be adjusted to suit your website’s aesthetic and goals.

In the product list page of your SuiteCommerce website, callouts can be strategically placed to capture customers’ attention, as shown below:

In conclusion, by effectively implementing callouts on your SuiteCommerce website, you can increase user engagement, enhance conversions, and drive sales by capturing visitors’ attention. These visual elements serve as powerful marketing tools to promote specific products and encourage customers to take action on your SuiteCommerce platform. Take your SuiteCommerce website to the next level by incorporating powerful callouts that drive results. Schedule a consultation with our team of experts today!

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