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netsuite dashboards

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

A sales representative or sales associate, is an individual responsible for selling a company’s products or services to customers. A sales representative is responsible for generating revenue and building relationships with clients. Some of the key aspects of a sales representative’s role are prospecting and lead generation, CRM, quoting and proposal submission, negotiating and closing deals, customer service, and more.

A sales dashboard is a visual representation of current sales data that’s relevant to a sales representative. Salespeople can absorb information more quickly when it is presented visually on a single page, rather than needing to search through raw data or long reports. A sales dashboard allows each user to quickly get the up-to-date information they need and drill down for more details, if necessary. It should be quick and easy to set up.

Key Performance Indicators:

Evaluate variances between New Leads, New Opportunities, Total Open Opportunities (Pipeline), New Customers, Forecast, Orders, Sales, New Business etc, between specified time ranges using KPIs, which enables your sales team to effectively reach their targets.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives


Using this portlet, sales teams can integrate vital reminders, including opportunities to close, sales orders to print, items on backorder, calls to complete, events to respond to, and overdue invoices, among other important tasks. This centralized feature empowers sales teams to stay organized and attentive to critical activities, ensuring a proactive approach to managing their responsibilities.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

Monthly New Opportunities Trend:

This portlet helps to keep track of number of new opportunities that are created in a month which helps sales team to persuade leads/customers and close deals.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives


The Shortcut portlet give easy access to some of the important pages, reports or URLs such as Quick Quote Form, Opportunities per Sales Rep, Stages of Each Opportunity, Sales Activity by Customer, and social media website links(LinkedIn).

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

My Open Estimates >Greater than $20K:

This portlet helps the sales representative to identify their open estimates which are of value greater than 20K and highlights estimates which are greater than 60K, allowing them to focus on and prioritize opportunities with significant potential.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

Report Snapshots : Top 5 Customers By Sales

This report snapshot facilitates the identification of top customers based on the organization’s sales during a specific time period. This insight empowers the sales team to nurture and sustain a strong relationship with these key customers.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

Custom Reports:

Netsuite also offers a customizable portlet that empowers sales representatives to incorporate specific reports onto their dashboard based on their preferences. This includes reports such as the duration an opportunity remains open and the origin of generated leads.

NetSuite Dashboards for Sales Representatives

In summary, a good sales dashboard, along with important performance measures and helpful reminders, gives salespeople the right tools to make smart decisions and manage relationships successfully. NetSuite’s customizable features make it even better, ensuring that sales teams can easily use the platform to meet their specific needs.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to support your NetSuite journey.

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